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OFF SITE CALIBRATION - In a Temperature and Humidity Controlled Laboratory

Carl Zeiss Universal Horizontal Metroscope ULM

The Universal Horizontal Metroscope is an opto-mechanical precision length measuring  instrument for direct and differential measurements. It is extremely versatile in its applications because of the universally adaptable bed, which can be adapted to many kinds of measurement and inspection.

Ranges of Application - for Universal Horizontal Metroscope

External Measurements  
    when mounted to object table 0 to 600mm
    when held between centres 0 to 200mm
Internal Measurements  
    with small contact arms
    (depth of penetration up to 12mm,
    maximum wall thickness 75mm)
10 to 400mm
    with large contact arms
    (depth of penetration up to 50mm,
    maximum wall thickness 75mm)
30 to 370mm
    with electrical contact equipment from 1mm
Effective Diameter of External Threads up to 200mm
major diameter
Effective diameter of Internal Threads  
    with small contact arms from 14mm minor diameter
    with large contact arms from 35mm minor diameter
Pitches of External Threads
measurable lengths for
    nominal diameters 6 to 30mm up to 60mm
    nominal diameters 30 to 100mm up to 100mm
    maximum distance between centres 160mm
Pitches of Internal Threads
measurable lengths for
    nominal diameters 3.5 to 10mm up to twice the nominal diameter approx.
    nominal diameters 10 to 55mm up to 45mm
    nominal diameters 55 to 300mm up to 75mm

Additional Off-Site Measuring Equipment

Screw Plug Gauges
Screw Ring Gauges
Plain Plug Gauges
Micrometer Setting Rods
Setting Ring Gauges
plus All Mechanical Measuring Equipment


Matrix Floating Carriage Diameter Measuring Equipment

The ever increasing demand for greater accuracy and production requires the checking of screw threads as an important stage of the production process. To carry out such measurement this high precision instrument can determine the respective thread elements independently.

Also used with the Matrix Floating Carriage are:

Set of Cylindrical Standards
Set of Measuring Wires

Additional On-Site Measuring Equipment

All Linear Measuring Equipment
e.g. External Micrometer,
Vernier Callipers,
Depth Micrometer,
Height Gauges, etc.

Screw Plug Gauges

Screw Ring Gauges

Plain Plug Gauges

Surface Tables

Optical Projectors, etc.


Calibration results can be provided by:

Paper Certificates

Electronic Certificates (eg CDROM)

Updates to the Companies Electronic Quality Records


Optical Parallels

Used with a Monochromatic Light Source to test the flatness and parallelism of lapped surfaces that must satisfy exacting requirements.

Optical Flats

Used with a Monochromatic Light Source to rapidly and effortlessly test the planarity of flat-lapped measuring faces that must meet exacting standards of precision, such as gauge blocks, gauges, mechanical stages, plane plates, etc.

Precision Gauge Blocks


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