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Dave Whitfield  (Operations Director, Thompson Valves Ltd )  writes:

Thompson Valves Ltd manufactures and assembles high integrity valves for the nuclear, aerospace and oil and gas processing industries. It holds accreditation to ASME N and NPT stamp, ISO 9001:2000, ATEX and PED standards. For nearly 20 years BH  Quality Services has assisted in maintaining those accreditations by conducting internal and external audits, training personnel and calibrating inspection equipment. Brian Higgs has been an invaluable member of our staff and continues to provide support whenever required. Brian is Quality.

Bryce Cuff  ( Quality/Works Manager, Turntech Precision Engineering Ltd ) writes:

We have used Brian since 2002 for both consultancy work whilst working towards ISO 9001 approval and for in house calibration, which we have continued with. We have found Brian to be very reliable and he is always available if we require advice. We would recommend him to others.

Dr A C Carpenter (Turnspeed Precision Engineering Co Ltd) writes:

Working with BH Quality Services and BH Calibration Services has provided the means to achieve accreditation to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100 Rev B. In performing the ongoing Internal Audit schedules, BH Quality Services also help to ensure the systems perform as required. Furthermore , the additional benefit of having BH Calibration Services available for the calibration of our measuring and test equipment has proven to be an efficient mechanism for the management of our Quality System.

Rob Allen (Quality Manager, Alpha Precision Engineering) writes:

Brian provides a very reliable and cost effective service in respect of calibrating gauges and other workshop equipment, both on and off site. Due to his efficiency, the Down Time of equipment is kept to a minimum. E.g. In respect of Plain Plug and Screw Plug gauges, he collects them late Friday or Early Saturday and returns them before 8am on Monday.

He offers an extremely flexible service and tries to accommodate any customer requirements at all times.  I have valued his expertise for over twenty years of dealing with Brian.

 Paul Shepherd (Quality Director, FGP Precision Engineering Ltd) writes:

Having used Brian over the past 23 years I am happy to state that BH Calibration Services has provided us an excellent and flexible calibration service both on and off site. Brian’s knowledge and competence enable a fast efficient service minimizing disruption to production.  Any problems found with equipment are swiftly resolved with either ‘new parts’ from his extensive stock or by post the next day.  BH Calibration Services would be a great asset to any Company competing in the fast pace of manufacturing today. 


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